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Popular Online Bookstore for Malaysian

There is always some special book, especially old edition of book or novel, hardly to get it from conventional bookstore from the Shopping Mall nearby. Furthermore, most of bookstore shop assistant are too busy and can’t really help you to locate the book you need. Why spend numerous hours and energy to look for book that you can easily get it online in few minutes.

Malaysia base online bookstore is blooming up, you can easily find a good one.

No doubt, is the most famous online bookstore, not only Malaysia, but in the world. is the pioneer in Online Shopping, they had change every human
shopping behaviour. There are plenty of choice, you can find almost any book and any edition that you looking for from Remember, they ship orders to
Malaysia, not all country they do.

2. MPH Online
MPH, with long history in Malaysia publishing industry, trust that MPH can be Malaysia’s No 1 Online bookstore. MPH online always offer good deals and serious discount
on books, eBooks, Gifts, Stationeries and many more. Delivery fee to east Malaysia, West Malaysia and oversea are clearly stated at MPH Online. MPH do have physical
outlet at most of major shopping mall.

3. Kinokuniya Malaysia
Kinokuniya’s Online Bookstore categorize reading material into variety of langugage, such as English Books, Chinese Books, Japanese Books and Malay Books. Kinokuniya
Online is available in many countries, including Malaysia. Their Online Bookstore clearly stated price for Online and Price for Kinokuniywa Privilege Card.

4. Times Bookstores
Times bookstores is the retail arm of Times Publishing Limited. Times bookstores’ chain of retail outlets throughout Singapore and Malaysia offers readers of all ages
and interests a wide and exciting variety of books from children’s to lifestyle and non-fiction.

5. Borders Malaysia
Borders, is a renowned international chain bookstore from USA. Its first franchise store worldwide was opened in 2005 at the Berjaya Times Square shopping complex. This
feat was the proud accomplishment of Berjaya Books Sdn Bhd. Taking center stage in Borders Malaysia is its “Beyond Books” experience that encourages customers to browse
books and magazines online as much as they like in their favorite Borders store.

6. BookXcess Online
BookXcess Online is a small store with the big dream of helping Malaysians kick-start reading habits. BookXcess bringing you great books at unbelievable prices.
BookXcess online are categorize to Fiction, Non-fiction, Kid’s Corder, Gift and promotion item. BookXcess is purely online shop, there is no physical shop to hangout.